1. The indomitable spirit of those who dream.
  2. The relentless pursuit of something important.
  3. Doing whatever it takes.
  4. Not taking "no" for an answer.
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— Who We Are —

Hustle Law is a law firm that caters to the creatives, dreamers, start-up founders, entertainers, athletes, and anyone else simply trying to make their way in the world.

We are a firm that practices what it preaches, founded by an entrepreneur and startup Founder who bootstrapped his first company through law school and then decided it was a good idea to start a couple more right after. We advise and provide counsel to entrepreneurs, tech companies (both big and small), artists/content creators, athletes, and anyone in between on matters that range from business formation, contract drafting, review, and negotiation, intellectual property matters, corporate governance, etc.

— Our Story —

our story
As someone who considers himself a scrappy entrepreneur at heart and in practice, Hustle’s Founding Partner, Daniel Marcus bootstrapped his first company while pursuing his JD as a full-time law student, leading a double life, learning about the nuances of Antitrust and Intellectual Property by day and building a first of its kind tech platform (and subsequently pounding the pavement to make people aware of said tech platform - see photographic evidence to the left) by night. As such, he knows what it means to hustle. Though he went to law school to become a more versatile and “dangerous” entrepreneur, he realized that his experience on both sides of the table could make him a valuable asset/advocate for similarly minded folks - and thus Hustle Law was born.

— What We Do —


We’re a flexible firm capable of adapting and tailoring ourselves to your personal needs or the needs of your business. Our practice specialties range from business formation and corporate governance to intellectual property matters and contract drafting, review, and negotiations.

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B.S. New York University

J.D. New York Law School


New York


Daniel Marcus - Founding Partner

Dan began his career in sports media, covering his beloved New York Jets and Yankees for SNY's digital network - and in the process became the youngest credentialed member of the Jets beat, while also simultaneously having his work featured in Newsday and being named a finalist for CBS New York's Most Valuable Blogger of 2011. From there, he went on to start his first company, SeatSwap, a platform that allows fans to trade or barter event tickets with one another, from his college dorm room. After managing to convince two software engineers to build out his MVP for a nominal amount of sweat equity, Dan did what most logical Founders do and accepted a full scholarship to law school as he could not resist the prospect of the "Debt-Free JD".

As such, he bootstrapped SeatSwap while pursuing said Debt-Free JD as a full-time law student and managed to build some pretty robust infrastructure in that span including a first of its' kind 1.0 product, an elite talent pipeline that maintained working relationships with schools such as Princeton, Columbia, and NYU, developed a branded media property that went viral several times over, sold out New York's Irving Plaza for three consecutive years, and was featured in every media outlet from Rolling Stone to a recent ESPN "30 for 30", and attracted pilot interest from the likes of Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Bowl. As he was studying for the New York Bar Exam, Dan's first venture began to pick up a considerable amount of traction as he was flown out to Berlin by the Adidas family to participate in the final round of an accelerator they started. He made a compelling enough case to position SeatSwap in the Top-20, just good enough to be on the outside looking in on the Top-15 that made it into the program. Around that same time, he was approached by the CEO of one of the biggest ticketing companies in the states who wanted to take his temperature on a potential acquisition. After spearheading negotiations with their C-Suite, that ultimately fizzled out for reasons he would later discover were that the potential acquirer simply ran out of cash, Dan took his law degree and began to branch out into other sports-related entrepreneurial pursuits including the creation of Hustle Law.

In addition to practicing law in the State of New York and representing all manners of clients across the tech, sports, media, business, and non-profit realms, Dan also develops and produces media properties around some of the biggest names in sports including Pete Rose, Spice Adams, and Ozzie Guillen. Dan is an adjunct professor at his alma mater NYU and has lectured at several universities at home and across the globe including Princeton, St. John's, and the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland. After many years spent trying to break up the monopoly in the ticketing space, Dan is an industry thought leader whose work has been featured in publications such as Yahoo Finance and SportTechie.


B.S. Texas A&M

J.D. New York Law School


New York

Sarah Smith - Of Counsel

Like our Founding Partner, Sarah Smith has a passion and a knack for getting creative endeavors off the ground, building legal strategies that revolve around the unique creative abilities of our diverse group of clients. She decided to become an attorney after copyrighting her own music and witnessing first-hand the power a zealous and forward-thinking advocate can have on an artist's long-term success. After serving in an in-house capacity at Louis Vuitton and it’s parent, LVMH, where she primarily focused on intellectual property enforcement, Sarah went on to work in judgement enforcement and commercial litigation. Her current practice for start-up and entrepreneurial clients focuses on entity formation, equity agreements, real property acquisition/usage, and employment law

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Hustle Law is merely the brand name of the law practice of Daniel Marcus, Esq and is not intended to mislead or be misconstrued as the registered name or the trade name of the practice. To the extent there is any confusion, visitors of this website are encouraged to contact us directly with any questions, comments or concerns via email at